I am still trying to install OES 6.5 Netware SP6 and can't get past go. I
am beyond the point of frustration, but to stubborn to quit. After
similar failures with OES 6.5 SP3, I bought a new Intel server board, 2GB
of new server matched memory, moved from SCSI to SATA, set up RAID 10 in
the BIOS using 4 drives, and after numorous failures I installed
Microsoft Server 2003 successfully just to confirm there were no hardware
failures. Because I believe Novell to be the more stable, I am back to my
OES installation attempt. I initilize the single RAID 10 ARRAY and boot
from the OES 6.5 SP6 boot disk. I chose default install to allow for no
incorrect choices on my part. It formats the dos boot partition and
begins to copy the file to the C:\NWSERVER directory. Here is my first
question. If there has been no choicepoint to allow for the loading of my
raid drivers, how can it copy the files to a seemingly undefined hard
disk? If DOS is able to see the RAID ARRAY, when do I load the raid
drivers for NETWARE 6.5? I still have lots of questions, but please help
me take it a little at a time.