I have posted previously about the poor performance I am experiencing with a
HP ML100 G3 SATA RAID-1 server. I am following the advice of several of the
responders advising SCSI might be a better way to go. So, I got a 29160
controller and SCSI drives. I decided that before I reloaded NW6.5sp5 I
would add the SCSI and run TSATEST on the SATA volumes and then the SCSI
volume to see if there is speed improvement. I used NSSMU to create the
partition, pool and volume on the SCSI. When I bounced the server, I get a
"invalid Partition Table" error and the server hangs.

I guess I have 2 questions:
Is there any reason I couldn't add the SCSI controller & drive to the
existing SATA?

How do I restore the SCSI drive(remove the invalid partition)?