Been following the discussions here about SP6. I recently migrated an older
5.1 server to 6.5 on new HP hardware. SAV requires SP install off teh base
6.5, but when we tried to do SP5 on this hardware received abends in the
CIOS & HPQCISS. Current stable versions are:

CIOS v1.10b675 7/3/2003
HPQCISS v1.06 11/14/2005

The SP5 changed at least the CIOS and we began to get abends on bootup. As
we were under time constraints we simply left off SP5. I'd like to now put
on SP6 if it seems stable enough. In this situation, would you recommend
SP5 again, SP6, or SP5 with backrev'd HPQCISS/CIOS?? Or just leave off SAV
for a while longer..