We have one Dell PowerEdge 2600 as our only server configured as

Netware Small Biz 6.5
Traditional Volumes
3 SCSI disks in RAID 5 array
3 SCSI disks RAID 0
2 Gb RAM
13 users

We will be upgrading this year to a new Poweredge & naturally I have
some questions for you experts who are always so helpful. (Let me know
if I need to provide more info to help you help me.)

1. Should we consider changing to Linux as part of the upgrade to the
new box, or should we just migrate to the new box keeping NW 6.5 ?
(And then switch to Linux if we see the need later...) AFAIK Netware
is doing what we need - I don't know what we will get from Linux as far
as any emerging features...

2. Could we use the old server as a duplicate box for our OS and major
volume data ? I don't know the term for it, but thinking about a
"parallel configuration" in case the new box crashes, the old box would
still have everything up to date for restore purposes...

3. If we don't implement #2, could we use the old box for
Groupwise/GWAVA ? Would there be any advantage doing this if the new
box has enough oomph to handle NW and GW ?

That is all I have thought through for now. Thanks for any advice you
can give.