Not really a Netware-specific question but I'd like to ask here, anyway.
I'd had two Netware servers with RAID 5 arrays experience individual
drive failures over the last few years. In the first instance, the
drive array tried to rebuild using the just-failed drive. The rebuild
succeeded but it only worked briefly then died again, at which point I
replaced the drive and all has been well since.

The second one happened yesterday, a different box, and again it rebuilt
the array without me even asking, but this one seems to "magically" have
resurrected itself - been running for almost 24 hours with no problems
thus far. My take is that the once-failed drive is probably on its last
legs and will probably fail, for good, again sometime soon. I've
already ordered and received a replacement drive.

In both cases, I did the rebuild outside of Netware.

I'm curious to know how many, if any, people have experienced a one-time
drive failure, rebuilt with the once-failed drive, and actually had it
remain in service for a decent period of time after that.