I'm not sure if this is the correct forum for this, but...

I have a client that uses the construction accounting software ComputerEase.
Their website SAYS they are full Novell Partners. My client has been
running their software on NetWare servers for YEARS.

Their newest version (v6) seems to have problems running off a NetWare
server. My client has NSBS 6.0 with all the latest patches. All users have
full rights to the folder on the server.

When a user (and I even logged in as admin) runs the ComputerEase app, the
CE login screen appears, after entering the authentication info & clicking
OK, the login screen just sits there and will not proceed. The task manager
shows it active, but nothing ever happens. It SHOULD open the app.

I tried turning off the Windows Firewall, & disabling everything in the
Starup (using MSConfig). Nothing seems to help.

When I copy the entire directory structure to the local C-drive, it runs

Any ideas what may be going on here?


David G. Wilson

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