I have a Netware server with a MAIL, a DATA and a SYS pool. I was going to
extend the MAIL pool to add extra space for GroupWise, and I accidentally
extended the SYS pool. Now a ton of free space is in my SYS pool and it is
a waste because it is about 40GB in size with only 5GB in use. I know I
cannot un-extend a pool, so heres what I was thinking of doing...

- Use BackupExec to create a backup of SYS
- Create a new pool and volume called SYS2 which is smaller
- Restore my backup to the SYS2 pool and volume
- Rename my SYS pool and volume to SYS_OLD
- Rename my SYS2 pool and volume to SYS.
- Restart and pray it works. =(

Will this work?