Migration to new hardware failed at point where the attempt to stop edir
on migration server was not successful. The migration tool had posted
that the directory information was moved to the target server, had shut
down the source server. At the next step the migration tool could not
stop edir on the target server. The migration error log posted an
unknown error. Migerror.log on the target server did not have any info.
The target server had not been rebooted, to take on the identity of the
source server.

The recovery for this said to not reboot the target, bring up the source
server and restore edirectory. I could not do this. The error I get is
that the function is not available because edirectory already exists.
But it doesnt start. Also I cannot remove because of another error.
And naturally, I can't connect to the server.

Does anyone have any ideas. I think I need to remove the current edir on
the source and then try again to restore the backup created by the
migration tool. Am I right? And if so, how do I do this.

TIA, Rich