I read in forums that because netware OES comes with new versions of
imanager and web services it is best to remove them before doing an
inplace upgrade from 6.0 to OES. Are the following services ones i
should remove? I'm not sure. I guess I have to reconfigure them again?

-imgr, iprint, netstorage, imonitor, FTP, iFolder, Netware web manager,

Is it better to upgrade edir from 8.6.2 to 8.7 in at least one server
before doing the inplace upg? If so, do I still remove these web
services before upgrading to OES?

Also if I upgrade from java 1.31 to java 1.4.2 prior to doing the inplace
upg will 1.4.2 have the DST update? If not how is the DST issue handle?

Another question: which 6.5 SP? overlay CD should I use?

Please advise.