I have added a 29160 SCSI controller and (1) SCSI HD to my HP ML100 G3 SATA
server. I am trying to migrate over to SCSI RAID-1 due to poor performance
of the SATAs. I wanted to run tsatest on both drive types before I go on to
the total rebuild w/SCSI. (Just looking for a little confidence booster that
I am doing the right thing...)

But when using NSSMU I can't seem to get the partition pool and volume for
the SCSI created. The device is recognized by NSSMU. When I select
DEVICES->F3 Init, all seems ok but when I go to Partitions, the SCSI device
is not displayed.
Have I gone about this the wrong way? What is the correct way?

Thanks for the help. It is appreciated.