I have resloved the timesync issues within my network and am still trying
to install this server into my tree.

I have decided to go ahead and give it a different name than what it was
before the crash to try and avoid any obit issues that may still linger.
This is a production server and I NEED to get it up and running as
quickly as possible.

Installing nw6.5 and gets past copying files, to the point of asking for
the server name in the GUI Install. It is hanging at this point. I can
alt-esc to the console prompt and when I hit enter it tabs down to
another prompt with the actual server name prompt.

I have waited at this point for over an hour. At the console prompt I
did try to do a dsrepair and it locked the server up tight. No response
to enter at the prompt but I still can alt-esc to toggle screens.

At one point during the install process when it was trying to intialize
tcp/ip the logger screen threw up this message.

Timesync: Waiting for tcp/ip to be intialized
timesync: Timesync is loaded without tcp/ip support because tcp/ip is not
intiialized. To get tcp/ip support,

confugre it correctly and try again.
Timesync: ipx is intialized. Timesync is loaded with ipx support

I am not running IPX on my network so it can't communicate with the
ring. Not sure why tcp/ip is not intializing.

Any ideas?

Should I try to install this as a stand alone into it's own tree/remove
ds at that point and then try to install ds into my tree? I have got to
get this going.

Thanks in advance!!