Hello all: We have finally been forced to allow the dark
side to enter our server room. I have two Windows 2003
servers which I just started up and did the initial OS load
and update. I am a complete newbe to windows servers and

I have no idea how to configure them so that they "PLAY
NICE" with our netware (NW6.5 sp6) infrastructure.
Currently I just have them setup as workgroup members. I
suspect I will have to create a domain for them in order to
install our CALs and SQL licenses and CALs. But I don not
want any thing else on the network to have to authenticate
to a domain, we use ZENworks for all that good stuff. I
basically need them accessible without interfering.

If I add a workstation to the domain, will I be forced to
have it authenticate to the domain?? What is the best why
to do this??

I need some serious advice here, Chris.