I downloaded the nw65sp6 o/s overlay, but not the products overlay (I
didn't even see it listed). I'm doing a hardware upgrade. The server I
will be migrating to has sp6 on it already, so I wanted to bring the new
server up already patched to 6.

Anyway, I started the (pre-migration) server install with the sp6 o/s CD.
When it asked for the products CD, I didn't have it. I (stupidly) figured
I'd load sp5 on (for which I had the products overlay), then update to
sp6. Unfortunately, I can't update to sp6 because the server thinks it's
already been applied.

I've created the temporary server in a temporary tree. If I need to start
over and re-load everything on the server correctly, how do I get rid of
the temp tree and server. Or, is there a way I can salvage this install
and fix what I've screwed up. Thanks.