This will probably be a stupid question for you ... but how do I remove
the temp server and tree from the environment? (it's a temporary, pre-
migration server).

I'm downloading the products overlay now (very slowly) ... and I'm working
on removing the "idiot" tattoo from my forehead!!

> wrote:
> >I've created the temporary server in a temporary tree. If I need to

> >over and re-load everything on the server correctly, how do I get rid of
> >the temp tree and server. Or, is there a way I can salvage this install
> >and fix what I've screwed up. Thanks.

> I would strongly recommend you to wipe out your temp server and restart
> from scratch. That way you are at least sure you don't get any

> surprises later.
> If you want to reuse the same names, you may have to wait a couple of
> hours before the old names vanish from the network. If you use new names
> for the temp server and tree you should be able to go ahead right away.
> --
> Marcel Cox (using XanaNews