Hello i am in a serious pinch i have to find a way to export 35 users
maliboxes( currently running with a 2 stage IMAP to PST export: due to
a few users having over 65k messages ). and a 45k Document, Document

We are going to exchange now whether i use the groupwise exchange
plugin or the excange 2003 groupwise connector i need to be able to
configure the groupwise Internet gateway via the NWADMIN snapin. i
created the gateway via ConsoleOne however i cannot configureit fully
without this snapin. This is an inherited NIGHTMARE and now im at the
wire( everyone has to be on exchange by monday or lawsuit ).

Can someone send me the snap in( the dll that goes into the snapin
folder ) so that i may load this and get @least the mail Exported.
Without having to go aout it in 2 or 3 steps via IMAP.

If anyone has any suggestions in regard to exporting the document
library, meta data and folder structure that would be amazingly
helpful. Permissions are not an issue as they can be set in sharepoint
manually for each folder in sharepoint( the documents destination )

I had no concept this environment was in this situation ( my fault for
not doing due diligence in checking environment out ) however now im

I have posted this in another of the Novell forums here in hopes
someone in that group may offer some help as well.