I have a PE 2900 with embedded Broadcom NICs. A manual install determined
that BX2.LAN was the correct driver. The server is quite sluggish.

Dell now shows the B57.LAN driver; would that be a better choice than the
BX2.LAN driver?

My AUTOEXEC.NCF is as follows:

load basp frame=ethernet_ii name=basp_1_eii vslot=1 mode=slb
load basp frame=ethernet_802.2 name=basp_1_e82 vslot=1 mode=slb

load bx2 slot=10028 frame=ethernet_ii name=bx2_1_eii
load bx2 slot=10028 frame=ethernet_802.2 name=bx2_1_e82

load bx2 slot=10034 frame=ethernet_ii name=bx2_2_eii
load bx2 slot=10034 frame=ethernet_802.2 name=bx2_2_e82

basp bind basp_1_eii bx2_1_eii
basp bind basp_1_eii bx2_2_eii

bind ip basp_1_eii addr= mask=
bind ipx basp_1_e82 net=F501E82