I have just installed NW6.5 sp6 on our main server, to hopefully resolve
some long standing op-lock issues we get day in, day out...
We also have Client version 4.91 Sp3 on Windows XP (only on a small
selection of machines at the moment for testing) with FILE CACHING set to
ON. But, we still get the op-lock errors (as below)...

Station 250 (task 4) timed out waiting for an op-lock on file
SETUP.HLP held by station 119.

This is now really slowing the server down, obviously if 2 or more people
try and access the same file...

I am currently running "set level 2 oplocks enabled = on" AND "set client
file caching enabled = on" to see if it helps at all, and if anything, the
level 2 oplocks setting has made is WORSE!!!

Help me out here, right now, it's looking like we are moving to Windows 2003
sooner rather than later :-(