We have a migration approaching within a month, taking 2 existing NW5.1
servers and migrating to the latest NW6.5 support pack version. I plan
to use the Migration wizard to move these 2 servers to new hardware. The
scenario is as follows:

Server A: File & Print services
4 local TFS volumes -- SYS=5GB, HD1=25GB; HD2=70GB, HD3=40GB
1 external TFS volume -- 514GB storage array

Server B: GroupWise PO for 300 users, MTA, GWIA, WebAccess, GWFax
3 local TFS volumes -- SYS=28GB, VOL1=105GB, VOL2=5GB
1 external TFS volume -- 400GB storage array

My questions are these:
-- How should I approach migrating those local volumes to the new
servers? Should they remain TFS volumes? What is the approach for
converting them to NSS volumes?
-- What about the external volumes? There is a total of about 350GB of
data on those volumes, and I'm looking for the preferred approach for
bringing them over to the new servers.
-- How long could I expect the migration process take?

Thanks for any assistance,

-- Geoff