Can someone set the record straight on NSS and RAM above 4GB on an Intel
32bit platform.
Can NSS access RAM above 4GB in that scenario?

I am just struggling with Disk i/o performance even after migrating a
server to RAID1E/10. The Current disk requests are still high no matter
what I do. The nss /(No)CopyBuffersOnXLatch off/on does not seem to
matter either.
What have I missed in my tuning as the server is slower tha it's NetWare

Basically my situation is mostly Read 80% -vs- Writes, with very small

My research:
Do not add RAM over 4GB to improve cache performance. The Intel
architecture has no DMA capabilities above 4GB; therefore, NSS
deliberately does not use this memory.

and this old TID on NSS tuning that has not been updated.
NetWare 6.5 can use memory at and above the 4GB 32-bit limit. It does
this by using PAE, Physical Address Extension. The memory over the 4GB
line is slower, thanks to the 32-bit x86 arcitecture, and this applies
to all x86 platforms. Generally speaking, when planning for a server
with more than 4GB RAM it is better to give it lots of 'extra' than a
little. So spec a 6GB server, not a 5GB server, it'll be faster.