After trying to get to this for about 1-2 years I've finally done some
training, got a test server, setup a basic NW6.5 install, etc. After
reviewing all the installation as well as the planning and implementation
guides (and I still have plenty of reading on the non-core services), had a
few questions that hopefully somebody can answer to help guide me in the
right direction in some areas. Appreciate any assistance.

1) I noticed that there was an option when installing (and this option is
mentioned in the installation guide section 2.2.3 ACCESS THE INSTALLATION
FILES) to either create a DOS boot partion (default) or a NetWare boot
partition. Why would I set the boot OS to NetWare instead of the default of
DOS? Is there an advantage to either way? Where would C:\NWSERVER be
placed if no DOS boot partition?

2) Is Virtual Office a dead product? The V.O. NG have almost no responses
to questions, and it's not shown in the product dropdown at Novell
downloads, and SP6 does not include updates for it.

3) For recommended system requirements, what do they mean by "server-class
PC with two-way ... processors"? Do they mean 2 CPU's? Or a single
hyperthreading CPU? And while I'm on that in NW5.1 we were recommended to
disable hyperthreading, is this still the case on NW6.5?

4) In the install guide for the boot partition they recommend to have enough
room for a core dump, so if you have 4GB of RAM, does that mean they
recommend a DOS partition of 4GB + 200MB + space required by OS install
(which is what?)? But the what's new section in
says it sets up a core dump partition on the NSS partition for core dumps,
so do you still need to allocate space on the DOS partition? And how can
you set a 4GB+ partition when OES NW requires a standard FAT format (so max
of 2GB, or think it was 1.5GB limit when you I the test install...)?

5) The installation guide and the installer program both say FILES=50 in
CONFIG.SYS, but in NW5.1 (can't remember since which SP but certainly SP8
mentions it) they recommend FILES=100.

6) In regards to setting up a destination migration server, should you use
the migration wizard server pattern or a full one? What happens if you use
the migration wizard pattern, but the source NetWare server has other
services already installed/configured and they're not included in the
migration pattern? Will you lose stuff in the migration?

7) Is there a simple way without purchasing ZenWorks when using the Novell
Client to avoid the 2nd Windows workstation login?

That's it for now, I'm sure I'll have more as I get further into it. My
project milestones are simple:

- Verify that the core services required on our networks work
- Verify that the additional 3rd party or other products we currently use
(such as GW7, SAVCE10, ArcServe, ...) work
- Check that the new services provide the extra features that we've found
lacking in NW5.1 (although admittedly there were probably some features
there I never got to)
- At this point I can make a purchase decision if the above worked out
- Evaluate additional features available
- Look at a Linux server install

Thanks again