So I've got many servers.

Dual P4 Xeon, 3.0 GB RAM (one setup)
Dual AMD Opteron 2.0 GB RAM

Here's the scenarios:

1) 30 users hitting the server running MS Access DB or just Word/Excel
files. McAfee NetShield 4.63e running. CPU utilization on CPU-0 is
like 80-100% (NetShield taking up "some" amount of it--hard to tell
accurately via NRM). Server slows to a CRAWL. AMD system

2) "anything" accessing the server (say, PDF files), NetShield hogs
CPU-0, server slows to a crawl so tape backups take 4x longer to finish.

3) NO netshield running, but NDMPD cranks CPU-0 to 100% just writing to

My questions are if NW is really SMP aware why doesn't it "offload" the
disk/NCP traffic so that if something is "hogging" CPU-0 the entire
server doesn't suffer. IF I believe NRM, CPU-0 is at 80-100%, and CPU-1
is like 0-2%

Is there a way to tell NetShield or NDMPD (Backup Exec in this case) to
use CPU-1 since apparently NetWare never really uses it?