I'm installing the first NW 6.5 (OES) server into a pure nw 4.2 tree,
which means that my time source (single server) is using SPX.

During install of NW 6.5 I choose the NDS tree to install it into and
after this the check for time synchronization fails.

It seems that timesync does not use SPX/IPX during the install!?!

If I go back some screens, use the advanced time settings and specify my
current nw 4 time server by name, it's not getting better. On timesync
debug screen it shows messages as it tries to resolve the server name by
DNS, but that makes no sense to me, because SPX does not use DNS.

How can I resolve this problem during setup??

I've read a posting that a possible solution would be to define the new
nw 6.5 server as new time source for the nw 4.x servers, but if I type
"display servers" on a nw4.x machine, I can not see the new nw 6.5
server in the list. So if I would specify the new nw 6.5 serves as time
source on the nw4 machines, how could they find their new time source???
I'm afraid that doing this would cause the other servers to loose their
time source also.

Thanks for any help!!