I'm writtng to learn if anyone has any experience installing nw6.5sp6 on
this server? The server is configured with a SAS5iR SAS RAID Controller.

According to the RAID controller documentation Netware is not supported.
(Of course, the sales team failed to mention this whan i purchased this
box. and I forgot to investigate)

Today, a Dell Rep. from the Novell Group stated that Novell's Netware
software cannot handle SAS Technology. Can anyone confirm this?

So, Im looking to build this server to replace an aging and overworked
NW51 server. It will be good to know if:

1) There are any patches/drivers for this controller or box; or,

2) If there is a software workaround (such as disbaling the controller and
using a software Raid solution - the old RH Linux had this); or,

3) If I should try and return the Server to Dell.