The CIFS download creates a folder for itself, very nice. I copied CIFS.NLM
into the same spot (SYS:\SYSTEM) on my SP6 folder tree. It would be nice if
it said somewhere that this was OK (or not). I'm guessing I don't need the
installation script but I'm not sure because some of the things that get
installed in the service seem (?) to be called as separate product
installations within the main installation.

The NDPS update's readme doesn't mention that, if you didn't install NDPS,
you probably don't have any of the NLM's it's seeking to update. I assume
that's right, please correct me if I'm wrong, and I'm assuming I don't need
to install this.

The LIBC update, the first one, does _not_ make a folder for itself and thus
completely cluttered (read: functionally ruined) my nice little directory
structure of post-SP6 patches. Some consistency here would be nice, and I'm
not even talking about distributing patches as either only zips or only

And that's as far as I've gotten today. I'm going to trash my post-SP6
folder and start over tomorrow.

Any clarifications or corrections on any of the above gratefully accepted.