I have been trying to struggle with a Dell 2900 Server that abends. It has
NW65SP6. This server was migrated from a IBM server that was running solid
as a rock for almost a year without an abend. Dell has been telling us that
it is not hardware. That same older IBM server was put in another location
running SP6 and humming along for over a month now. This Dell server is
suffering from the dreaded spinlocks and have backreved winsock all the way
back to SP5 even to try and fix. Have installed all the way to version L
and every version between. Now Dell wants us to disable dual proc support
and this seems a little radical and a waste of a cpu.

What I am trying to find out is what kind of hardware people are still
having a problem with to see if we can narrow this down not to whether it
is certain hardware this is happening with.

Any replies are helpful. I am cross posting this to the install group.


Rick Bousquet