I am installing NW 6.5 sp4 from the OS CD onto a Dell PE1900 which has a
PERC 5i raid controller.

The driver for this does not seem to be on the CD, so I contacted Dell for
one. They sent me the Dell PowerEdge RAID Controller 5 Device Driver for
Novell Netware 6.5. Version: 1.00.08 driver.

It included a MEGA_SAS.HAM & MEGA_SAS.DDI driver files.

I copied these onto a floppy and when the storage devices screen came
during the installation process, there was, of course, no RAID devices

I pressed "Insert" to add unlisted drivers.
Pressed "Insert" again.
A path displays. Pressed F3 to change it to A:
Inserted the driver diskette created above into the floppy drive and
pressed "Enter".
Instead of finding the MEGA_SAS.HAM driver, I just get a blank list of
drivers. ie. and empty list with the highlight on the first line but
there is nothing listed.

I tried quitting the installation, booting onto the DOS partition it had
made and copying the driver manuall to the C:NWSERVERDRIVERS directory. I
even put a copy in the C:NWSERVERDRIVERSUNSUPDRV folder for good measure.
But when it restarts on the installation CD it wipes that out and so I'm
back to square one.

Any ideas what is going on? Why won't it show the driver?