Good day !
There is a little problem .

We have fully functional tree Netware 6.0SP5 on a four servers (it works
VERY FINE through 3 years).All servers are Dell PE2600. None of postfixes
neither patches released after SP5 not installed - pure SP5 only.
One weeks ago we've got a new server - Dell PE 1950 8))) specially for
some tasks, and we found that NW 6.0 NOT APPLICABLE for this type PE.Well,
we have licensed 6.5 and we thought about tree upgrade, but it was
planned as "not-in-this-month" task. And now I think ,that acceptable
decision for us will - to install that PE1950 with NW6.5SP5 into existing
6.0SP5 tree. And now I want to ask respected society about some things :

1.What must I upgrade on existing 6.0SP5 servers, that install 6.5SP5
server into tree ? I think it may be eDirectory.And what else ?
2.Is this decision right ? Works Someone with similar tree - Master
replica on 6.0SP5,and one of r/w replicas - NW6.5SP5.Will it stable ?(It
depends,I understand, but I interest).

Yes, I read forums and docs , but fully described situation on there - is
full upgrade, but it is not applicable for me.

With respects - Andrew.