Since we probably have to get some options ahead besides normal ( and
un-normal ) netware,, time has maybe come again to do some Linux

NOT a linuxperson myself, I must say,, the initial test's with OES on
linux have not made me jump on the new track just yet. Off course I'd
prefer to have another option besides W2k03 to Netware, but for us, so
far Linux/OES hasnt felt like a really "ready" product. To much manual
tricks'n'fix to get stuff like nss working.

So, I know spotted OES2 beta as a preview to DL,
both netware sp7 part and a Linux version. But the linux version is
only approx 315Mb's so that obviously requires a SUSE setup and
running 1st. And,, off course no doc's to speak off.
Does anyone have any tip on a "how-to" tid or something in howto
create a Linux/OES that works as an alternative to Netware ?

And,, any news/insights if there will be a more "ready to go" install
of OES on Linux that could/should Install a Linux server with the
typical Netware resources included ? ( NCP, NSS,,etc,,etc)