Sorry if this shows up as a duplicate post, but I posted earlier and I do
not see it in the forum.

We are planning on removing IPX from our network soon. We are running three
Netware 6 servers and two Netware 6'5 servers. We have DHCP running on one
of the Netware 6.5 servers and we have Zenworks 6.5 and Netshield 4.61
running on the netware 6 servers.

Is it safe to say the following the steps I have read in previous posts of:

Going into INETCFG and unbinding IPX from the NIC and the disabling IPX
Commenting out the SERVERID from the Autoexec.ncf then rebooting

Also we have our Timesync Time sources listed by server name in Server
Should we change these to the IP address?