Our tree currently has a mix of NW6.5 sp2 & sp3 servers and I need to
service pack up.
As we run iPrint (NDPS) and ZEN6.5 plus a heap of other services on all our
production server around New Zealand & Australia and after studying all the
current gotchas in and after sp6 I was thinking of building a temp server
and giving it a R/W of the root - then applying SP6 plus all patches (mainly
to get our tree and eDir up to date) This is required for new IDM

Then later on killing the temp server off again once I have it stable and
all the bugs sorted and start service packing the rest of the servers in our

However I am a bit wary - our policy is to not install Beta software and I
note that most of the post sp6 patches are still field releases.

* Should I go with SP5 instead? I can't exactly hold off at this stage as I
will be going over to Melbourne in a fortnight to upgrade an older server
(hardware) by using the migration tool and had planned to go straight to
SP6, so need to get a local server upgraded first.

* Should I need to "prepare" the tree beforehand for this or can I just
straight go the SP6?

Thanks for your assistance and advice