I'm planning to upgrade my NW51 server to NW65 by placing NW51 on a test
server, and moving all data from the original server into it. Afterwards,
I'm going to install NW65 from scratch on my original server --along with
ZenWorks65 -- and then use Portluck migration tool to move all the data
back to the newly installed NW65 on the original server. The migration
tool will convert the traditional volume to NSS volumes. I can not do an
inplace upgrade due to the lack of space left on my drives --so I'm
placing the data on a separate test server. I wanted to know if it's
recommended to change the Sys volume to NSS , or leave it as traditional?
I have not heard of any reason not to make it a NSS volume. Let me know if
that will be okay, if not, is it recommended to make it a traditional
volume in a separate pool from the other volumes which will be the data
volumes in NSS?

I want to be able to make this transition as smooth as possible (yea
so I will having the Arcserver backup with trustees rights, NDS backup,
TBackup,and restore, Consolidation Utility, VCU, and Portluck. Hopefully,
with all of those utilities, I should be able to maintain most, or all of
my objects, rights, and data...

Any recommendations would be appreciated.

Thanks, PR