I'll try to make this as short while providing all the details...please
bear with me on this.

We're trying to help a client migrate his existing server to a new one.
They have a single tree with 3 servers. They are looking at
consolidating 2 servers into 1 being the main idea behind this project.

Right now however, we're just looking to get the new server in to
replace 1 server right now. I'm figuring that we can move things into
this one little by little after the migration goes well. (But that's a
different discussion)

So quite simply, we're looking at using the SCMT to do a basic hardware
upgrade from Netware 6.5.6 to Netware 6.5.6. The destination server is
a Dell PowerEdge 2950. I hear this isn't certified to run SP6 but we
have to try, as I'm sure the SCMT won't allow us to go from SP6 to SP5
on the destination server. (I'll probably just download the update and
do it to see how well it installs over the top of 5. Any problems with
it and I'll just trash the server and install it via the overlay CD's.)

The hitch is that they have no backups available...and they can't get
them working for whatever reason.

The bottom line is that they are even more nervous about keeping the old
unreliable server around right now...so they want to get this migrated
as soon as they can. They're looking for other means of doing this if
they can't use (for instance) BackupExec.

Here's what I'm coming up with - and please shoot holes in my thinking here:

[1] Backup eDirectory via DSREPAIR -RC on all servers before doing the
migration so there's a current backup available. I hear there's a way
to do this via embox...anyone know how it's done via TID? I hear it's
tricky...and that's it's done via iManager, which I'm not sure of its
functionality on this particular server (I'll look for a TID after I
post this.)

[2] The server has a GW Post Office (7.0 SP2 beta) that I was looking to
backup with dbcopy (version 7.0.2) because I hear great things about
the backups it creates. I was simply going to do a dbcopy [source]

[2a] The first source would be the domain folder and the second source
would be the PO folder. Both backups would be backed up to a Windows
2003 Server where they would sit as copies.

[2b] I'm looking at the /m switch...is it necessary to use? I'm kinda
confused on that because I thought the dbcopy utility copied all
files+sub folders in the source directory that you specify. I guess I
should simply ask "should I use the /m switch, or any other switches for
that matter?"

[3] For the files, I was going to try and copy all of them from the old
server and put them on the Windows 2003 server as well. Does
trustees.nlm still work on the 6.5 platform? I've been using utilities
from JRB but this customer doesn't have a license for them so I wouldn't
use it without him buying a license. So as far as free alternatives go,
I was thinking about trustees.nlm. I've used it in the past but can't
remember if I ever used it on a 6.5 server.

[3a] This way when I copy all the files to the Windows 2003 server
(it'll break the rights) they'll be there for safe keeping. And if I
have to restore them, I can restore all the files in the add-on volumes
and then run trestore.bat.

That's basically it. I'd make sure there are no real open files and
probably use SyncBack to back everything up and do a differential right
before I'm ready to rock and roll. This way no ZEN databases will be in
use and I'll shut all Java processes down as well.

Anyone see anything that I'm missing or want to offer from having to do
it without a magnetic media backup to rely on?

Thanks for taking the time to read ;)