Greetings everyone,

Thank you for taking the time to read this post and making yourself
available for assistance.

I just setup a new netstorage unit and made sure I installed Apache &
Tomcat. I had to delete the primary server since I had the wrong ip
addressing for the Authentication Domain.

Q1. After I deleted the primary authentication domain, when I press add
domain and then type in the IP Address of one of the servers that have most
of our master replica servers and then press add domain nothing appears
under authentication domain. No errors come up either. Any hints in trying
to get authentication domain to accept the ip address?

Q2. What would be the ideal server to enter as the authentication domain?
(Is it the master replica server that has all the accounts)

Q3. What kind of lookup does it send to auth domain? (LDAP or other). and
what account does it generally use for that authentication lookup?

Q4. It seems like Netstorage requires Imanager on the actual netstorage box?
I tried by best to manage netstorage from another imanager instance to no
avail. Therefore, I gave up and finally installed it on the netstorage unit.
However, before i make this solution live, I feel like I need to disable
imanager so that the outside world cannot even access this tool? Is anyone
else doing that, if so have you found an easy way of turning off and on? Or
better yet, have you found a way to manage netstorage without having
imanager on the netstorage box.

Q5. Is there a way to force SSL Auth for netstorage?

I really apologize for the length and # of questions, I did try to find some
of this in the documentation. Any help on any of the questions would be very

Thank you again.

Henry Edwards