Greetings everyone,

I finally have my netstorage server working. Just couple of tweaks that I
would love to get anyone's help on:

Q1. It seems like Netstorage requires Imanager on the actual netstorage box?
I tried by best to manage netstorage from another imanager instance to no
avail. Therefore, I gave up and finally installed it on the netstorage unit.
However, before i make this solution live, I feel like I need to disable
imanager so that the outside world cannot even access this tool? Is anyone
else doing that, if so have you found an easy way of turning off and on all
Novell Web based Management Tools such as Novell Remote Manager, iMonitor,
iManager etc..?

Q2. Forcing Netstorage use SSL:
I was attempting to force SSL Connection for Netstorage by following the
cool solutions above mentioned; however, in my install I don't actually have
don't even have the WebApps folder. Is it possible my netstorage would work
without this? How can i resolve this? In addition is the apache
configuration mentioned in the cool solutions something that needs to be
appended to httpd.conf? Has anyone successfully implemented this Cool