I recently moved a OESNW65sp5 (eDir 8.81) server from one OU to
another in preparation for re-tasking the server. I now want to
rename it as well, which seems a pretty straightforward process as
outlined in TID 10053914, thought that document is rather dated. At
present there are no services other than SLPDA and iManager running on
the box. Licensing is via SLA certificate installed at the O level

The plan is to follow the TID and rename the box, then use PKIDIAG to
fix the certificate information, update host and name resolution
settings, then rename the volume objects and make sure they are
correctly installed in directory services. Finally, I assume I'll
need to update configuration files for Apache. Is there anything else
I need to check or be aware of?

Tree is healthy and passes all health checks as per TID 10060600.