Have NW 6.5 sp5 server. Loaded up and configured
knowledgebasepublisher, but could not get the client or admin screens
to show. After some research, figured out I need to add include
sys:/apache2/conf/mod_php.conf to the
http.conf file, which I did manually, then used iManager to stop and
restart the apache server. When I did that, it abended - part of the
abend is attached.
There were subsequent abends as I tried to access the client and admin
pages (I was not at the console, so was not aware of the abends for a
few minutes). I haven't found anything searching Novell or other
user forums. I just need to get around this issue and the Kb will be
ready to go. Any ideas?


|Filename: abend.txt |
|Download: http://www.ndsengineers.com/attachment.php?attachmentid=81|