Is there a problem with using the Migration Wizard with two servers that are running xntpd.nlm?

As part of our move to an environment more integrated with our SUSE servers we have changed all our NetWare 6.5 servers to use xntpd rather than Timesync.

Today I tried to use the Server Consolidation and Migration toolkit (build 1.1.051209) which contains the Server Migration Wizard (ver. 8.1.512.9) to migrate one of our servers to new hardware.

No problems until I got to the NDS migration stage where the wizard returned an error saying "Can't get server's time information", and in the info box below it had :-

Server 'LCNCRI-6' won't return the correct time. Please check the timesync status on this server.
--- Error caused by a NetWare API error ---
This error means that the error code returned has different meanings for different functions.
(Error code: 0X89fb Function Name: NWGetFileServerUTCTime)

According to both of the server consoles each server reports that :-
"Time synchronization is active" and "Time is synchronised to the network". NoRM's NTP Monitoring Service also shows the servers being in NTP sync.

I have done quite a few server migrations over the last few years and have never run into this issue before. Mind you we were always on Timesyn.nlm.
My guess is that the Mig Wiz can only query a server using Timesync.nlm. Is that correct, or maybe the following is part of the problem?

BTW - since changing to xntpd.nlm dsrepair shows all NetWare servers in the Tree (all are NW6.5 SP5 or SP6 with post SP6 updates) with the "Time Source" and "Time is in sync" fields blank. The only server with entries in the fields is an OES1 on Linux server and it is happily displaying that it is in sync. Should this be the case, or is this part of the problem?