I am unable to install any new servers into my tree using the SP6 overlay
disks and servers at sp5 cannot be updated to service pack 6.

During the installation after providing the tree name and ou in which to
place the server I am prompted again for a name and password. However no
matter what I put in the name and password fields it will not
authenticate. The odd part is that it accepts authentication earlier in
the install process and has already placed a server object in the tree.
randomly other objects such as certificates, ldap server/group objects
have also made their way into the tree.

Installing a server using SP5 overlay disks works just fine and never asks
for that second authentication. any attempt to patch the server to sp6
after the fact fails with the same authentication error

The 3 edirectory servers are all Netware 6.5 SP6 (so I guess it used to

edirectory version is with the post patch installed