To all,

I've got an existing network using 192.168.0.x with Netware 6.5
server. I want to add a Novell 6.5 SAN server. to the network. I
thought it would make sense to use another subnet for just SAN
traffic, so I got a GB switch, added second NICS to the servers I want
the SAN to see and then setup the SAN server. I also setup routing in
one of the existing servers so that the SAN server could get network
time and see NDS.

The SAN subnet is 10.10.0.x. During the install I was able to see the
NDS tree and add the SAN server to it. But I can't login to the SAN
server or get to it via NRM or IManager on a workstation that has a
link to the 10.10.0.x subnet, even though it can ping the SAN server.
My assumption is that for some reason, when logging into the SAN
server, I can authenticate against NDS.

Am I better off adding the SAN to the existing subnet and just using
VLAN's to isolate traffic or is there something I missed on the setup
of the SAN server ?

All the server are Netware 6.5 / OES 1 using the netware kernel, SP6.

Thanks in advance,