I'm trying to install NetWare 6.5 SP5 on a DELL Poweredge 2650 with little
success. I have two other PE2650 running netware 6.5 however from memory
they were upgraded from netWare 5.1.

I get varying results from abends, to tcpip.nlm not loading, to i/o errors
when copying the files from the nw65prodsp5 cd.

I've tried using the OpenManage server assistant (the lastest dowload from
the DELL site) and without. No luck. I'ce also run diagnostics across the
hardware to elimate hardware issues. These servers are YES tested and
approved, so I can't asee why I'm unable to install as I've never had a
problem installing netware before

Server Specs are:

DELL PE 2650
PERC 3/Di raid controller (running latest available firware)
RAID 5 array with one hotspare
qlogic QLE2342 FC HBA

Any suggestions?

Thanks, Adam.