Just need some feedback about a server we are planning to buy. We are
planning to upgrade from Netware 6.0 to the newest Netware, not sure as of
yet if it will be straight netware or linux based. We are a small company
30 ppl and this will be our File/Print server for AutoCAD dwgs and
Microsoft documents.

Please let me know if you would add or change anything besides for the
brand. (Relativly small buget)

Dell Poweredge 2900
Dual Xeon 2 GHz processors
2 x 2Gb ram
Raid 1
2 - 300GB hard drives (Total of 4 after mirror)
Hot Swappable Power Supply and drives
2 Gigabit Ethernet cards
We plan to reuse our LTO-2 SCSI tape drive from the server being replaced.

Just wondering,