I set up a new ML370 G5 on NW 6.5 sp5. For over a month now I have had
one workstation running 4.91 sp3 connected to it for installation
purposes. Everything seemed fine. This new server is to be a complete
replacement for an old one running NW 5.0.

When I attempt to migrate users from old NW 5.0 server to the new one,
none of the user accounts will authenticate from the workstations. These
users will authenticate properly on the one workstation that I have had
running for installation purposes.

From the workstations that won't authenticate, I can see the Tree, Context
and Server. Using the Object Properties... applet in the client Netware
utilities I can browse and see object properties for things on the new
server such as Volumes.

Any attempt to login is met with "The System Cannot Log You into the
Network. Check your password..." The response comes very quickly. The
server Health Monitor shows no failed logins. The accounts are not
intruder locked. There are no other errors messages.

Thank you for your time.