I have a NetWare 6 sp5 server with a traditional sys volume and 2 additional NSS volumes that I upgraded to NetWare 6.5 sp5 and everything went very smoothly. I have now decided that I should upgrade the sys volume from TFS to NSS. In the process of preparing for the move I created a pool named sys and volume named sys_new. I remarked ZenWorks, AntiVirus, etc from the autoexec and restarted the server to be sure that I had nothing accessing the sys volume during the file copy with VCU. After the reboot but before I could do any thing with the VCU process the server will no longer load the sys volume now. I am guessing it is because I foolishly named the new pool sys. What do I do at this point I can't access any volumes Traditional or NSS and of course can't make any changes to any of the volumes or pool configurations because I can't get the server past the colon prompt. My data is still on the Traditional sys volume but I can't access it either. Help!!! Please!!!

Terry Wilken
Byron School District