I ordered a new dell pe2950 to migrate to which will be here friday or monday, and as murphy's law goes, the existing old server decided to take a nose dive on Monday, out of warranty of course. After 12 hours, we got it functional again, but it did the same thing today. Drives start falling off the Raid. Diagnostics indicate the drives are OK. And I can see the drives in the perc bios, but they are grayed out. It appears to be the raid controller or backplane hardware failure.

The server is just a simple file server. I have backups of the data. This is probably a dumb question, but when the new server comes, would it be easier to just give the new server a different name and ip address and modify login scripts etc., or should I remove the failed server from the tree now and install the new one when it comes with the existing name/ip and then restore the data. Or is there a better way? I am hesitant to close the coffin on the failed server.....but I guess dead is dead.

I have the trustee backups but am wondering, as long as the volume names are the same, does it matter what the server name is to restore these?

Thank you

STacie White