A client of mine recently bought a HP Proliant DL100 G2 NAS server,

thinking it was more of a SAN solution that could be bolted onto the
existing NetWare network to offload some NetWare files, when it is in
fact running Windows Storage Server 2003 R2 and a proprietary HP GUI.
The goal is to manage file security on this box using existing
eDirectory tools.

Apart from playing about with IDM etc to manage local users on this box,
I'm thinking the best way to actually incorporate it into the existing
NetWare environment is to simply install NetWare on it, but I can find
no reference to whether or not the platform can accomodate it. It
appears to be a standard Proliant server with the Windows software
installed but I can't be sure, does anybody know whether or not these
boxes will happily run NW65?

The only reference online is this:
"HP ProLiant industry-standard hardware - Relax—your investment is
protected because you’re not locked into a proprietary platform. And you
can seamlessly integrate into any HP ProLiant or StorageWorks management

I think that's telling me I should be able to put NetWare on it but if
anyone can confirm that would be great.