Took the puppies out at 7am only to discover a police car parked by the
woods that surround my townhouse complex (it's a rental). 2 seconds later
the puppies start viciously barking and I notice 2 teenagers dashing
between two sets of townhomes via the back patios (one set being mine).
Next thing I know an undercover cop is asking me if I've seen 2 men and,
not having my glasses on, I mention I saw 2 kids dash between the units
(nothing new for the out of control teens in our complex) and point out the
direction they went in. A minute later 2 police cars go zooming by (no
sirens or lights). A few more minutes later, as I'm updating a neighbor, a
police car goes by with a black kid in the back to one of the "ghetto"
families units (it's nothing to do with race...the other kid they were
looking for lives there and happens to be white). A couple more minutes go
by and the police cars start leaving so I go hop in the shower. 10 minutes
go by, I go out to the car to take one puppy to the vet (spay day for Kyra)
and run into a police officer standing to the side of my end neighbor's
(who's a nurse) unit. Turns out they brought in the K9 unit to track down
one of the kids. What they didn't know is that the kids, police officers,
and dogs were all trekking through a HUGE poison ivy infestation.

I take off for the vet's and drive by a squad car, and as is usual habit
whenever I see an officer, I wave as I drive by, only to notice too late,
that one of the kids is in the back of that squad car and taking careful
note of my vehicle. Now I have to watch out for slashed tires, broken
windows, general vandalism, theft, and possible physical injury (they beat
on an elderly man when he politely asked them to turn down the bass on
their car stereo.

Guess it's my weekend to go work on getting my CWP and find a gun. And to
think, I survived in Southern California for 37 years without ever owning a
gun....what a shame that Michigan is taking such a spiral.