Got an Alr 6400 p3 I dug out from a pile of old servers.
ordered 1 gig of ramm and 32 Gig HD.
Wondering if there is a way to add the 6.5 server to the existing novell
Tree called Newstartllc. First server is called Greene. Planning on
calling the second one 50 Greene. Don't really think I will permanently
keep the 5.0 server but need a way to migrate the data to the 6.5 server.
is there a data moving tool? or do i somehow add the 6.5 server to same
tree and map to different drive letters on windows workstation to move
data? I have migrated win2k servers and that is self explanatory. But I
need to be able to migrate a Novell 5.0 server's data to a newly installed
Novell 6.5 server. I know the concept but have never done this before on
this type of server. I also need to know how to add the 9 Novell licenses
I purchased from Dell from a download allow the users to use this
server when I finally finish.