I can't afford to move all the data at once so I will most likely do a
consolidation. I need both servers up at once so the new one will have a
different name.
I would also like to avoid updating nds until the Novell 5.0 server is no
longer needed. Most likely I will have to reinstall all server apps' is
that correct?
I took over as netadmin and previous person skipped town. So it may take a
while to get support from vendors. and figure out each and every server
app to reinstall. The login script is only the Z: drive mapped to the data
volume on the server Greene. The tree is called newstartllc. This network
only has 9 users. The hardest part probably vendor support and
reinstalling server apps. I really can't afford to accidentally update nds
and render the old server unusable.
It has to remain till I move users to new one. New server I will name 50
Greene and attempt to add to Novell 5.0 temporarily.