Hi group,

I am about to try and upgrade the disks in one of our netware 6.5 servers
and want to run it past the group, to see if it's likley to work.

Firstly, the server in question is an HP 1U rackmount server which only has
2 drive bays, currently these are filled with a pair of SATA 80GB drives
which are curretly mirrored.

We currently have two pools SYS and DATA_VOLS, which are each in their own
partition and are mirrored across the two drives, so 4 NSS partitions in all
plus the dos boot partition.

We have a pair of 250GB drives to replace these. I am experementing with
using the following method :-

1) Down the server and remove the second drive.

2) Replace this drive with one of the new drives.

3) Copy (using drive image) the dos boot partition to the new drive and make

4) Bring the server up and re-mirror to the new drive, once this is complete
down the server.

5) Remove both old and new drives, make the new drive the boot drive, and
replace the second drive with the second new drive.

6) Restart the server and re-build the mirror again onto the second drive.

7) Store the old drives away for 6 months just in case :)

8) Allocate some more space to the pools as needed, and mirror.

So is this likley to succeed, and what will be the potential pitfalls.

Also I have a copy of Drive Image 2002, which I can run from a BartPE
windows boot disk, this seems to be able to make an image file of an NSS
partition, I have not yet tried restoring this, but is that likley to work
or am I likley to end up with major problems ?