I have just replaced one of my servers using the Migration Wizard.

Everything seemed OK, until I tried to reload services not copied during
Migration. (Apache2 and Tomcat) When I start NWCONFIG, go to Product
Options, there is nothing listed. When I try to view or add products, I
receive a message that PRODUCTS.DAT cannot be found. I verified the file
does exist.

When I go through INSTALL at the console, I receive a message that says I
am trying to use a media of a different version.

Old server was built last summer with NW 6.5 SP5, plus all patches. First
thing this summer I applied SP^ with all 8 patches.

New server was built this summer with NW 6.5 SP6 plus all 8 patches.

Can someone tell me what happened and how to correct? In advance, I say